A book about designing brands for a new audience.

Disillusioned by industrialised food & drink, chain hotels and mass-market leisure, influential urban consumers have disengaged with traditional corporate communications.

They follow strong ideas and founders. They want to be impressed, not sold to. They’re adventurers.

The brief

Design businesses are bad at their own branding. They struggle to articulate why they’re special and forget to help clients understand process or value.

We wanted to turn a tangential group of clients and prospects who knew us through our work (a track record of creating and taking “challenger” brands – such as Tommi Miers’ Mexican restaurant Wahaca – to mainstream success) into a network of advocates who really understood why our work was valuable.

Brand Burger

We asked our network to help create a brief: five clients would each create a burger reflective of their passions. We would use the results to inspire a burger brand, tailor-made for you, the Urban Adventurer.

The clear winner, Jordan Bourke’s Korean fried chicken, taps into key trends: Korean and comfort.

Korean has been touted as the “next big thing” thing in London for years. But with “Our Korean Kitchen” (design by Without) winning The Observer’s best new cookbook and the ubiquity of kimchi and gochujang in today’s streetfood scene, it seems its time has come.

The brand in numbers

  • 244 pages
  • 7 contributors
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