The Thinking Traveller

For twenty years, The Thinking Traveller have made villa holidays more thoughtful. But as the villa search market grew, the brand became lost in a sea of infinity pools. In an increasingly generic, functional market, to inspire tomorrow’s luxury traveller, they needed a brand that championed the unique.

We partnered with The Thinking Traveller on a global rebrand – from strategy, to identity, to key physical and digital applications and beyond.


Unlike competitors, The Thinking Traveller’s character houses are only available through them. And because talented, local teams know these places like no-one else, they can create unique, tailored holidays. They needed a brand identity to emphasise this knowledge. Repositioning The Thinking Traveller, not as a villa rental company, but as ‘keyholders to places with soul’ we began by describing these special places in language far removed from the estate-agent speak of ‘exclusive villas’.


Implementing a rebrand alongside running an award winning booking platform is not easy. We worked closely with the company’s internal development team to help them bring the new vision to life whilst ensuring a smooth transition and maintain the flurry of bookings for the upcoming season.


The story was brought to life by art direction that went beyond architectural descriptions of the villas to evoke the feeling of places with soul. Working with photographer Lavina Cernau, we complemented The Thinking Traveller’s existing villa imagery with human interaction, reflections, shadows, and idiosyncratic details.

Where photography would be impractical, we created illustrations in the loose, timeless style of sketches in a guestbook.


Tones of the Mediterranean, elegant typography and a more timeless, simplified typographic logo helps The Thinking Traveller feel more refined, confident and connected to the design and culture that makes their destinations so special.