Finding the soul of the world’s favourite villa company

For twenty years, The Thinking Traveller has made villa holidays more thoughtful. But as the villa search market grew, the brand became lost in a sea of infinity pools. We partnered on a rebrand to capture the soul of a company that does villa holidays like no-one else.

Luxury, Travel
What we did
Brand identity, Brand strategy & story, Campaigns, Copywriting, Photography, Social media direction, Website design
12.6% increase in sales YTD compared to previous year
22% increase in click-through-rate on social ads
10.6% increase in website page interactions
12-Thinking Traveller-CS-little girl running
011-Thinking Traveller-CS-Dinner paerty spread
Brand strategy agency - The Thinking Traveller photoshoot
14-Thinking Traveller-CS-ink drawings on yellow
19-Thinking Traveller-CS-brochure flick through
The Thinking Traveller- Brand website design- Mobile

“Without did something no-one else has done: they expressed the brand’s soul. The work stands out in an increasingly homogenous market.”

Elena Fotiadi, Head of Brand and Partnerships, The Thinking Traveller