Third Space

In 2015 gym membership was declining by 4% p/a. In a market focused on short-term fixes (remember getting ‘beach-body ready’?) we were challenged to create a brand to break the trend.

We started with a different approach. Fitness, not as fad, but as a love of movement benefiting your whole life. We called this “training for life”. And it would inspire everything – from a flexible identity that celebrates unique local clubs, to interior elements with the feel of a design hotel, to innovative digital applications.

Since then, Third Space have grown from two to nine clubs across London and are widely considered the capital’s finest health club.

  • increase in revenue per member, through pricing power and add-on sales.
  • increase in site conversion through user journeys and storytelling.
  • increase in sales at redesigned Natural Fitness Food Soho, now over £2m in annual revenue.

No barriers, no excuses

“The biggest barrier to doing exercise is getting changed into your kit.” Colin Waggett, CEO of Third Space believes that once people are at the gym, they love it. The challenge is getting them to take the first step. This philosophy informs every aspect of the customer experience. Designed to engage and excite, streamlined user journeys remove barriers and turn interest into action.


A high end feel

A world away from ranks of TV screens, Third Space environments are designed to inspire. We created a guide to materials and approaches that combines primal with luxury – polished stone, brass accents, subtle typography and interactive lighting, setting the interiors tone for various architects to build on.


Natural Fitness Food

Third Space recognise that healthy lifestyles depend on more than just exercise. To support members’ nutrition, we created Natural Fitness Food – a brand sympathetic enough to exist within Third Space clubs, but confident enough to build relationships on its own terms. Originally briefed as a revamp of Soho’s café area, Natural Fitness Food has become a revenue stream worth over £2m p/a and extended, beyond the clubs, to standalone stores..

Natural fitness food

Training partners

Since launch, we’ve consistently supported Third Space to grow the brand – from seasonal campaigns to new club openings and ventures. Our work has been instrumental in attracting and retaining not just members, but also talent; its adoption by the Third Space tribe is one of our greatest accolades.

“The industry benchmark is 20 applications for each instructor vacancy. We now receive over 100.”
Colin Waggett, CEO

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