Building London’s luxury health club

In 2015 gym membership in London was declining by 4% p/a. Challenged to break the trend, we argued that attitudes to fitness had changed – from something you had to do, to something you loved to do. We imagined a club (not just gym) for your whole life, not just short term ‘goals’. We called this “training for life” and it’s helped Third Space grow from two to 14 clubs, and into a brand that’s widely considered the capital’s finest.

What we did
Brand identity, Brand strategy & story, Campaigns, Copywriting, Interior direction, Photography, Social media direction, Website design
30% increase in revenue per member, through pricing power and add-on sales.
104% increase in site conversion through user journeys and storytelling.
4% increase in sales at redesigned Natural Fitness Food Soho, now over £2m in annual revenue.
Website design company - Third Space
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“The industry benchmark is 20 applications for each instructor vacancy. We now receive over 100.”

Colin Waggett, CEO Third Space