Savoir create the finest handmade beds.  But marketing designer collaborations was limiting scope – emphasising ‘design’ rather than what mattered most: ‘comfort’.

Visiting the Savoir workshop changed everything. In a world stressed out by speed and waste, here was a place of focus and calm; where skilled artisans use traditional techniques and natural materials to create extraordinary products that last a lifetime. This was its message: sleep is a luxury worth investing in.

Communicating luxury

Savoir quality comes with a premium price. We moved from the workaday “Savoir Beds” to the more confident “Savoir” and crafted a new logotype where heritage elements find contemporary treatment.

Infinite choice is daunting

With Savoir’s skills, anything is possible. The reality is that most people buy best-selling products. We developed storytelling around four key beds, drawing customers in through confidence and simplicity.

The story of your bed

From hand craft techniques to the benefits of ‘one customer, one craftsman’, appreciating the value of craft is key to appreciating product cost. Our redesigned website lets customers explore a 120-hour process to understand what makes Savoir beds the best.

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