Pure had created a loyal following by making some of London’s most satisfying food to go. But they felt that potential new customers didn’t realise how good they were.

Without® identified a key commitment which symbolised all that was good about Pure: every store had a proper kitchen on-site. From personalisation, to baking their own flatbreads, to customising and blending smoothies to order to ensure maximum nutritional value, real kitchens were the key to delivering quality and creativity beyond that of competitors.



Human, not corporate

Human and alternative, we stripped back monolithic use of colour, corporate catchphrases and other “chain” cues, in favour of graphic elements more evocative of London’s best independent food businesses. This is food made by people, not factories.

The human touch, online

Designed to engage with customers, the website user interface is focused on delivering the clearest and most relevant user experience. Innovative functions include; nutritional filtering of the menu, personalised content based on time and location, and an animated timeline of the day in the kitchens.

The information you need, when you need it, beautifully presented with a cheeky smile – exactly like the experience in-store.



The brand in numbers

  • 23.5% increase in web users
  • 72.5% increase in web page views
  • 30% improved web bounce rate
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