The Wolseley Hospitality Group

The Wolseley Hospitality Group is iconic, its restaurants (including The Delaunay and Brasserie Zedel) evoking a bygone era. Following the pandemic and a change of ownership, we were challenged with envisioning their future – to protect a unique spirit, regardless of ownership or location.

As we talked to talented, long serving chefs, front of house, receptionists and managers, we discovered The Wolseley’s secret isn’t grand buildings. It’s who’s inside them.

Attracting likeminded talent

The manager who began as the pot washer. The doorman still welcoming with a smile at 86. We discovered that many of The Wolseley Hospitality Group’s team have built careers there. Whilst the opulence of the restaurants might fill Instagram, we highlighted the team’s skill, loyalty and rapport with customers as key to the group’s success. And attracting likeminded talent was key to its future.

It’s in the little things

Subtle touches can elevate a mere restaurant into an institution. We strove to create a digital representation of the energetic, intuitive human interactions that happen from revolving door to table and back, every day. From the stories behind the dishes, to advice on the weather. A sense of timeless values in a modern world.

People are the stars

A floor manager commented: “we are a theatre of hospitality – we set the stage”. So imagery needed to go beyond beautiful facades. We documented life in the restaurants using high flash reportage – a celebration of the stars of the show: team and customers. Photography by Bella Howard. Videography by Other Finger Films.