Social Impact Coffee

Challenging the meaning of profit to help good coffee do good.

Social Impact Coffee believes every cup of coffee shouldn’t just taste good, but do good. A radically different type of business – beans from regenerative farms, zero waste cafes and investing 65% of profits back into community causes – they needed a brand that would cut through a world of greenwash and ‘corporate philanthropy’.

As a community-interest company (CIC), Social Impact Coffee reinvests 65% of profits back into community causes. This key figure inspired the logo, icon design, grid and layout – applying the language of business to the business of doing good.

Watch the brand presentation video here.



Social Impact Coffee capitalises on the scale of coffee at work by supplying beans to progressive businesses. And because they control the entire process – from sourcing from regenerative farms, to roasting to their own specifications, Social impact coffee can offer clients bespoke blends. Here the identity is flexible and playful, highlighting signature blends or tasting notes.

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