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From challenging conventions in school food, to imagining more thoughtful ways to travel, our team are united in building brands that make the world brighter. Our work is entrepreneurial, focused on what works for real people in the real world. Our team combines diverse experience, welcoming ideas that challenge the status quo. We’re committed to recruiting, training and developing for excellence, with many of our team growing with us since the beginning.

Based in Clerkenwell, London, our work works around the world.

Philip Koh,
Founder and Strategy Director

Philip Koh

Can’t live without doubt. Certainty is the enemy of curiosity.

Philip is inspired by people who reach for a better tomorrow, by founders and leaders with different ambitions, united by unflappable optimism and enthusiasm. The joy is in helping them to make it real. Born in Malaysia, Philip has a first hand understanding of how differently people can view the world, and what binds them together – mainly via food and drink (an Italian amaro is a tonic in every sense). In London, he recommends The Rippon Cheese Store, a walk-in fridge full of delicious dairy.

Roly Grant,
Founder and Creative Director

Roly Grant

Can’t live without fiction.

Roly believes in approaching brand problems with emotional intelligence – ideas, writing and visuals that cut to the heart of something and move people. Inspired by sport and fiction, Roly recommends hiring paddleboards and kayaks from Back of Beyond near Richmond Park – “countryside in the city” – to explore the Thames. He’s had a few short stories published (one was even performed in a pub).

Hannah Scally,
Account Director

Hannah Scally

Can’t live without Saturday mornings in the kitchen.

As account director, Hannah’s favourite part of her job is bringing together different perspectives to unlock each piece of the puzzle and deliver new, brilliant work for clients. With a PhD in History from Cambridge University, Hannah loves medieval history (niche), all SciFi and cooking, especially recipes limited to chopping things with a glass of wine. She recommends Mulligan’s in Dublin (where she’s from) for the best pint of Guinness.

Rhiannon Jones,
Senior Account Manager

Rhiannon Jones

Can’t live without music.

Variety is what motivates Rhiannon. As senior account manager, she thrives on collaboration across different projects, exceeding client expectations throughout the process to deliver work with meaning for businesses that make a difference. Outside work, Rhiannon enjoys hiking, swimming (preferably outdoors, but lanes will do) and exploring traditional Chinese medicine – she’s a qualified acupuncturist, too.

Liam Phillips,
Account Manager

Liam Phillips

Can’t live without his dog, Kasper.

With a creative background that led to client services, Liam balances the two worlds: he’s the client’s partner, with empathy for the creative process. That’s why he helps to deliver effective but beautiful work, from the very beginning. There’s a balance to his personal life too: he’s an Arsenal season ticket holder, but enjoys spending time in nature (Wimbledon Common is a good compromise in London).

Ciara Scannell,
Senior Strategist

Ciara Scannell

Can’t live without Google Maps. Both for directions and her saved restaurants.

A self-proclaimed ‘industry nomad’, Ciara loves to immerse herself in different sectors, and new challenges. From working in-house to agency-side, and from primary research to brand positioning, no one gets to the detail like she does. Born and raised in Brussels to Irish parents, Ciara returned to Dublin as a teenager. Tap her up for the best seafood, beaches and hikes in Kerry – “the most beautiful place on Earth”.

Has worked on Savoir, Modern Recipe
Jonathan Jarvis,
Design Director

Jonathan Jarvis

Can’t live without his Japanese chef knives.

JJ’s passion lies in creating meaning with ideas that move people. As design director, he’s happiest when collaborating with passionate individuals to lead projects with true impact – big or small – on the everyday. A brilliant cook, with an obsession with Mezcal (and all things Central America). JJ’s favourite London hangout is The Eagle Farringdon: ultimate comfort food and an institution in its own right.

Adam Evans,
Design Director

Adam Evans

Can’t live without a summer BBQ.

A design director with extensive experience, Adam is driven by a passion for creating brands that influence and transform perceptions. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, he is a big fan of summer barbecues. His favourite restaurant is Farang in Highbury, and he enjoys spending weekends in Queen’s Wood in Highgate.

Peter Ryan,
Senior Designer

Peter Ryan

Can’t live without comedy podcasts.

A senior designer and talented illustrator, Peter almost became an architect (he has a first class honours degree). So he brings another layer to his work, and loves creating brands with personality, humour and crafted logo marks (he’s a pretty good wordsmith, too). Outside work, Peter’s into running, walking, football and open-water swimming – one of the best places being the fells of the Lake District.

Jenny Stuttard,

Jenny Stuttard

Can’t live without good bread and good butter.

Jenny’s biggest motivation is making something beautiful and considered. She brings her love of craft into her work as a designer and is meticulous about every part of a project. At home in Walthamstow, Jenny is always making things – bags, clothes, furniture, toys, paintings – mostly as gifts for friends and family. She loves her local area, some favourite spots are Today Bread, The Castle Cinema and Epping Forest.

Narcís Serrats,

Narcís Serrats

Can’t live without olive oil.

Narcís sees design as a transformative tool in society. Having studied graphic design across Europe, he believes in its power to communicate – inspiring, educating and giving people a voice. If you’re in Barcelona – his hometown – Narcis recommends La Central bookshop cafe in El Raval (you’ll find him in the architecture section). Back in London, he’ll be at Forno Coffee by Regent’s Canal, possibly post thrift shopping.

Paula Calleja,

Paula Calleja

Can’t live without serendipity.

Paula’s favourite part of her job is the ‘Define’ stage, where design and strategy teams breathe life into the underlying potential of a brand’s narrative. A self-styled cultural binger, Paula speaks four languages and is always out: at exhibitions, talks, festivals, historical sites and London’s Prince Charles cinema. She’s a Goldsmiths London graduate, with a master’s in Branding & Brand Communication from ELISAVA, in Barcelona.

Alice Noë,
Communications Director

Alice Noë

Can’t live without UK festivals.

Our communications director, Alice, grew up in Singapore before studying History at Cambridge University. She loves finding creative ways to drive real-world change, both internally and for clients. A marathon runner, Alice is also a culture sponge (reading, music, art), and you’ll likely find her hanging out at the Barbican.


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