Lead by visionary craftsman and entrepreneur Josiah Wedgwood, Wedgwood was one of the world’s first global brands. But in recent history, in the face of changing lifestyles and production methods, the brand lost its way, attempting to appeal to a modern audience by neutering the heritage, craft and Englishness that made Wedgwood unique.

Wedgwood approached Without® to modernise and diversify: help Wedgwood be about more than pottery in the eyes of affluent, design-savvy consumers. From the outset, Without® were convinced that not only were history and Englishness part of Wedgwood’s DNA but also that these qualities could be expressed in a perfectly modern way.

Modern English luxury

Without® undertook a sensitive review of identity elements, removing the Portland Vase emblem from the logotype to reflect an offer beyond heritage tableware. A redrawn logo was applied to packaging with a clean, contemporary treatment and focus on premium materials reflective of modern English luxury.

A new expression

We executed campaign photography with a vision of a country house, Lion-the-witch-and-the-wardrobe-style, with hidden corners, stacks of old British Vogues, a framed letter from the Queen in the downstairs loo and, at the centre of it all, some beautifully eclectic chinaware that had served generations-worth of tea (and probably the odd gin). Whenever the owners were away, their fashion-model daughter came down from town to host Brideshead-style parties.

The images were so well received that the client extended rights to enable above-the-line advertising.

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