Sushi Daily

Sushi Daily is Europe’s leading sushi kiosk business, making handmade sushi in over 800 supermarkets including Waitrose.

Initially commissioned to develop the brand for its first dedicated ‘grab & go’ restaurant, Without went further, creating a new brand identity that told the story of how founder Kelly Choi brought handmade sushi to the world…

A new brand

Research revealed that, whilst customer satisfaction was high, brand recall was low. Despite offering a different league of quality (where fresh fish is cut down whole, on-site, everyday), Sushi Daily looked like many other supermarket own-label brands. We started work on a new language that emphasised craft, care and a connection to Japan.


A new expression

Without® based its work on the story of founder Kelly Choi and her promise to sushi master Yamamoto-San to make the best sushi available to everyone. The new brand identity features a family of illustrated characters – led by a female chef (with fish-tail hair) – and a strong Japanese indigo blue. The contemporary illustrations enable the brand to educate without formality. The indigo showcase vivid sushi colours whilst feeling more distinctive than ubiquitous black sushi trays.

A fresh voice

Without® created all elements of the new Sushi Daily identity – from logo to illustrations – applied across store graphics, packaging and website.