Plant-based Pillow Talk

With the launch of The Reformer No. 4V, luxury bedmaker Savoir shows that there’s more to veganism than food…

Veganuary, a toe in the water of veganism, focuses on a short-term diet challenge. But the vegan lifestyle is increasingly significant with contemporary audiences. So when Savoir approached us with the brief for its new vegan bed – our challenge was not just to communicate the exceptional craft and innovation, but to do so with a genuine sense of purpose, rather than jumping on a band-wagon. To these problems, we had one solution: tell a simple story – ‘a recipe for better sleep’.

Savoir beds vegan brochure


In practical terms, that meant taking a different approach to luxury product launches by focusing less on the product and, instead, celebrating the ingredients that make up the vegan bed. When coconut coir was too crispy, and natural rubber too bouncy, Savoir opted for tastier alternatives…

Savoir beds vegan photoshoot


Derived from Mexico’s Agave Lechuguilla plant, Tampico is a planet-based fibre that gives The Reformer its bouncy, resilient and smooth qualities. At Savoir’s Bedworks in South Wales, the master craftspeople have developed a recipe to manipulate the fibre into hearty, springy layers within both the box spring and mattress. Every detail, from the glue used on the frame to the lacquer on the screws has been thought through to guarantee The Reformer’s certification by The Vegan Society.

Savoir has been down with sustainable practice since 1905. Many of the elements that make for luxurious sleep complement sustainability: avoidance of plastics and toxins; natural and organic materials; making less, better. This year, Savoir took this further, listening to customer requests for a product to support vegan living.

A Recipe for Better Sleep is a collection of stories around vegan living. By highlighting the craft, personalities and benefits behind veganism, Savoir’s timeless, simple principles are given an authentic, contemporary relevance.

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