Defining your Difference

Can you vividly articulate what makes you original? Our new pocket guide, Defining Your Difference, is the first step to answering that question, and the starting point for compelling branding……


Earlier this year, we began asking our clients to look back at what their biggest challenges were when they first approached us, be it 15 years ago or in the last few months. Their problems varied significantly: an established player in a competitive market, frustrated that consumers “don’t get how good we are”; an ambitious entrepreneur with a proposition no-one can articulate; a leader struggling to rally teams around a consistent brand message. Most recently, a client challenged us with: “Everyone in our sector looks the same. Everyone is chasing each other. We want to be special, something no-one can copy.”

After going through all the responses, we came to a clear conclusion. Most client challenges stem from a common problem: how to define their difference. So we pulled our analysis together and, after months in the making, created something for you…

Defining Your Difference is the first step to addressing that common problem. Through five exercises, supported by examples from leading brands, our pocket guide explores different ways to unlock your most powerful asset: your story. That’s the starting point for compelling branding.

So here’s our challenge to you: as custodian of your brand, can you vividly articulate what makes you original? If you can, get in touch for a feedback session. If not, give Defining Your Difference a try; we’ll send the pocket guide straight to your inbox. Or share it with a friend who’d find it useful. We’d love to hear what you think.

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