Creative Boom | On being honest and confronting your mistakes

We speak to Katy Cowan at Creative Boom on the ups and downs of running a design studio.


“It was around 15 years ago when Roly Grant teamed up with university friend Phil Koh to set up London brand design studio, Without.

The year was 2005. It was when the first-ever YouTube video was uploaded (titled Me at the Zoo, apparently), the superjumbo jet Airbus A380 made its first flight from Toulouse, and Charles and Camilla got married. The days before social media kicked off, and the global recession was nowhere in sight.

So what’s it been like to run a business since then? The highs, lows and everything in-between. We chatted with Roly about the last 15 years, industry challenges, and why agencies need to help business managers understand the branding process…”

Read the full interview on Creative Boom.

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