A View From Without® – Thomasina Miers, Co-Founder of Wahaca



At our recent ‘A View from Without’ event we chatted to Thomasina Miers, Co-founder of Wahaca on the positives of growing from a single site to a 25 strong restaurant group.

Since graduating as MasterChef winner in 2005 to opening the first Wahaca in 2007, Tommi has always been a campaigner for good – using her name and the growth of her business as a platform to make a difference – from food waste campaigns including ‘Feeding the 5000’ and ‘The Pig Idea’ to helping tackle youth homelessness through Centrepoint’s ‘The Big Broth’.

A more recent focus has been setting up a charity called ‘Chefs in Schools’ focusing on recruiting and training chef’s to improve the quality of school lunches, as well as promoting better food education by getting cooking back into the curriculum.

For more on our work with Wahaca, check out our case study here.

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