A View From Without® – Alex Moore, Co-Founder of Rosa's Thai Cafe



At our recent ‘A View from Without®’ event we quizzed Alex Moore, Co-founder of Rosa’s Thai Café on the importance of founders stories.

With humble beginnings trading from a market stall on Brick Lane, Alex and his wife Saiphin took over an old café in 2008 with the help of friends, family and credit cards – keeping the name Rosa’s Cafe as a nod to English tradition and heritage (and also because they didn’t have the means or money to change the sign)

The Cafe was an almost overnight success and it’s easy to see why. Aside from the amazing food, the story of Alex and Saiphin is one of a genuine passion – staying true to the purpose of making people happy. In 2009 following their second site in Soho they came to Without to take that genuine story and make it work across multiple sites through brand design and a strong identity, while retaining their soul – never the easiest of tasks for restaurants as they grow, even with such a genuine and compelling story of heritage, honesty and authenticity.

We pride ourselves on working with founders with a true passion and sincere story behind their businesses. As Alex quite rightly put it – “It’s about the purpose, coupled with brand, coupled with culture and the genuine story at the heart of the business”.

For more on our work with Rosa’s Thai Cafe, check out our full case study here.

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