Urban Adventurer #01
Benedict Morgan

A photographer based in East London, Benedict creates high quality still life images with subtle human imperfections. He attributes his talents to a childhood obsessed by Lego.

Where’s Home?

Currently in Stoke Newington, London

What are you working on at the moment?

Im obsessed with the technique of scenic painting whereby in a studio setting you have a foreground thats real and then the mid ground onwards is painted giving the illusion the entire scene is real. I’m exploring this by making some simple images around the concept. I aim to have an exhibition next year presenting the work.

What’s been the biggest change in London over the last 10 years?
Impossible to say the biggest change in 10 years but from having lived here my entire life its always fascinating to see areas change and evolve. I see young affluent families walk up and down a road close to my home once known as the Murder Mile.  The food has also massively improved and subsequently peoples expectations have as well.

Recommend something London that’s close to your heart.

A swim in the Hampstead ponds on a sunny day.

What do you do to switch off?

A combination of walking (mostly to and from the studio), running, swimming, reading the odd book and watching the odd film. All the usual stuff humans need to switch off!

If you were London mayor for a day what would you change?
Introduce helicopters into London transport that you pay for with your Oyster card.

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