Combining authenticity and accessibility is challenging.

Kelly Loves brief


Among shelves filled with Asian-style brands created “by Europeans, for Europeans”, Kelly Loves wanted to create something authentic. Their products champion the best of Eastern snack culture, with genuine flavours and ingredients from the East. Truly Asian, but designed for Western customers to discover. 

The challenge was in getting people to take that first taste. To build its new customer base, the brand needed to find a new design language that encouraged discovery: authentic but not intimidating; accessible but not cliched. 


Entering a competitive supermarket environment demanded crystal clear positioning and shelf appeal.


We created a colourful, playful and modern brand that drew inspiration from the real products and design of Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese supermarket shelves.

With a story based around the relationship between Kelly and her daughter, Kelly’s own perspective is core to the brand: an anchor for authenticity and quality.


Kelly’s daughter becomes a mascot for taste and discovery.


From a first launch of four products, we’ve worked with the Kelly Loves team across 32 SKUs, building out a full design and packaging system from drinks and bites to noodles and kits.


Kelly Loves is stocked across Europe and in all major Waitrose stores in the UK.