Without is a brand design studio helping pioneers become leaders by defining their difference.

Your brand is your biggest asset. But many great companies struggle to express their difference. We create category defining brands, across sectors, by committing to three principles:

Without preconceptions
From new tastes in coffee to new directions in luxury travel, we build community, unite teams and inspire growth by challenging preconceptions.

Without ego
We respect our clients’ expertise and pride ourselves on really hearing them. We also understand the power of outside perspectives to challenge categories with fresh ideas from all quarters. This partnership of experts and challengers breaks new ground.

Without limits
Because our work is rooted in an expression of difference rather than just visual principles, it guides behaviour without feeling rigid or ‘corporate’. We’re adept at partnering with clients across…

Brand strategy / Visual and verbal identity / UX and UI / Art direction / Campaigns / Guidelines and internal culture




We are atypical in our combination of academic, business and design experience: from Oxford and Cambridge University to McKinsey Consulting; from Richard Rogers Partners to some of the UK’s acclaimed design schools.

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