For customers, Yawn is a fresh voice in a competitive market: in a sea of “sexy” and “basics” a nightwear brand talking about relaxation with comfort and character. For Without® Yawn represents a powerful partnership. Understanding client needs from a unique position, Yawn is our own brand.

Identity & Product

Yawn was born out of burn-out. The idea came to ex-McKinsey management consultant Alice Whiteley in response to a disappointing shopping trip at a very busy time of life.

“I was exhausted and wanted a feel-good treat. Shopping for nightwear, in a sea of sexy silk or generic stripes, I couldn’t find anything that spoke about what I really needed: relaxation.”

Whilst she saw huge potential in the vast nightwear market, the job of creating and growing a retail clothing business was daunting. As a former client, she approached Without®. Engaged  by the idea, we reasoned that removing the financial hurdles of identity, branding and design, the business became more realistic. We agreed to join forces, with Without® contributing services in return for a stake in the business.

Yawn is meant to make you feel relaxed. This comes from the physical comfort of the products, but also from a state of mind. We wanted every aspect of the brand to be as friendly, human and inspiring as possible: from creating hand-drawn prints to surprising details like hidden messages in hemlines. Creating this world involved working with many specialists: from pattern-cutters to factories. The project has opened the studio to new skills, disciplines and experiences, and we’ve travelled to India and Portugal to experience how our suppliers work first-hand.

The brand in numbers

  • +174% Y0Y revenue growth
  • 39 No of countries pjs have been sold to
  • 33 Hand-drawn prints launched